How to Store All Your Smoke Gears Safely?

Your entire smoking gears and also all your concentrates, dry herbs, oils, waxes, and other substances cost you money. Therefore, you must try to extend their useful life by ensuring proper storage so that all the recreational substances can maintain their maximum flavor and potency.

The fluctuation of temperature, humidity, and light/air exposure can always degrade the herb quality. Therefore, in this small article, we have provided a few guidelines to make you understand their proper storage methods.

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Let us first discuss proper ways of storing cannabis products first.

  • Minimize air exposure

Overexposure to the air may always cause your concentrates and herbs to dry out faster. Also, it can cause mold, mildew, and other bacteria to grow, which is harmful to health. Buy an airtight container for their storage.

  • Minimize harmful UV ray’s exposure

Always try to store all your herbs and concentrates in a dark place so that it does not get exposure to any sunlight and the UV rays may cause deterioration of your stored cannabis and will lose its medicinal value.

  • Find a suitable temperature-controlled environment

Also, a temperature variation can play a role to lose the potency of cannabinoids, THC, and other terpenes faster. As the temperature will rise, the molecules will evaporate at a much faster rate. They must preferably be stored between 32° and 68° F.

  • Control The RH

The relative humidity is also important to avoid mold and bacteria to grow on cannabis under too high RH conditions. They will not only cause contamination but also produce bad odors for the consumers.

The following are a few tools for prolonging the life of all dry herbs and concentrates

  • Airtight glass containers

Always keep all your herbs in an airtight glass container rather than preferring a cheaper plastic model that is available. Be sure that the seal provided is perfectly airtight. If you want to store dry herbs for longer then go for a dark tint glass that can offer UV protection too.

  • Travel Cases

People who are traveling quite often along with their stuff, are recommended to carry all their weeds within a travel pack whenever they are on the move. That can offer them smell-proof protection when they are also working.

  • Silicone Jars

Many people prefer to use any smaller silicone jars to store their entire concentrates properly. These storage jars will offer protection from air or light and you can always dig out a small amount of concentrate whenever you need for dabbing.

  • Humidors

Humidors are the ones that will offer the best ways of storing your legal dry herb and they are specially built for this purpose. Humidors can offer almost all the elements that are needed for the protection and storage of these weeds.

Besides that, humidors can also offer a discretion level and protection that is needed if there are children at home as humidors can also be locked.