What Is The Difference Between Survey, Questionnaire, And Poll

All the industries require some sort of campaign to reach a larger audience. Using the large market survey, questionnaire helps to understand the needs of people. To know if the strategy is successful, know the kind of forms you are dealing with. Further, you can help build the best form and goals to get better results.

What Is The Survey?

The survey is a kind of data collection method made using a list of questions. Further, it is used from the government agencies to the media persons. Surveys are not just questions you can forget later. It helps to build up data to help find the bigger trends.

What is a questionnaire?

A questionnaire is a set of questions to collect information from the respondents. The questionnaire is the direct content. It can or cannot be a part of the survey. The standalone questionnaires have limited choice but they deal with just the collection of data.

What is a Poll?

Polls are similar to surveys to analyze and collect all the statistics. These are reliable to collect options of large audiences. Conducting a poll is the largest way to gather all kinds of information.

Visit Qwary to know everything about survey Vs questionnaire Vs poll and when to use what. Surveys do have a greater impact on business but so do the other two. All three methods provide customer satisfaction to the core.

When to use what method?

Ask what the company needs at its most. Provide a bigger picture to know the working. Likewise, the survey must include both open and close-ended questions. This determines how the users should be made aware of the brand.

The only key is to have a clear goal and understanding to know how to work properly. If the product is appreciated by the people, doing a poll question works a lot.

When to use a survey?

You have to invest time while doing a survey. If you are looking for detailed feedback, surveys work the best. Besides, you can collect both qualitative and quantitative data in the process. The surveys normally take about 20 minutes to complete providing positive feedbacks.

When to use a questionnaire?

You can simply use a standalone questionnaire to keep records of data. Both of the questions are close-ended questions. Secondly, if you need to build an email list or want donations, the questionnaire is the right thing for you. Some of the standalone questionnaires have open-ended questions as well.

When to use a poll?

If there is just a single question, the poll is the right thing. Many people post polls on social media to see how people react to them. The answers can be biased at times but it usually takes seconds to respond to polls.


When making any of the above three, keep neutral questions that people like to reply to. There should be optional questions in case the respondent wants to skip some questions. It’s best to include more open-ended questions in the forms. This helps in assessing the data quality.