Are You Planning to Add Glass Garden Room Extension?

Are you thinking about adding some ‘wow’ factor to your house, but you are reluctant to remodel the existing structure? Glass room extension or glass box is the right solution for you. It suits any building structure, be it a contemporary model or a vintage. The best part is that the glass extension opening to the garden gives an illusion of being outdoors without any blockage, yet sheltered.

How Would A Glass Room Extension Look?

The glass garden rooms are glass extensions that you can use as a fully functional room with proper heating, electricity, and ventilation. With Open Space Concepts, you can create your custom structure and add on the extra features you need like remote-controlled drop-down screen or under blinds, LED lighting or sliding glass doors, etc. They are one of the best UK companies where quality meets expectations at an affordable price. You can further check their completed projects and customer reviews to get an idea of their services.

This enclosed space would never give you the impression of staying indoors, the way you feel inside a concrete room. You can look up to the sky and watch the stars in the vast sky without your view interrupted. You can never miss out on the most attractive feature of the glass garden room, that is, the panoramic view. The extension may look delicate but has durability and can endure harsh weather conditions.

How Different Is It from A conservatory?

You have to lay a foundation for conservatories with double proofing and double glazing like you would do for a separate concrete room. It requires a considerable investment. It looks nothing like a part of the house. Whereas glass rooms blend well with the main building, at the same time being an enclosed section of the garden. It looks nothing like a separate room like a conservatory. Another difference is that the unobstructed panoramic view, a defining characteristic of a glass garden room, is not present in a conservatory.

Advantages of Glass Garden Room Extension

Being in nature and enjoying the natural light energizes your mind and keeps your body healthy. You can say that the advantage of having a glass room is letting maximum sunlight inside. Even sudden weather changes like the rain won’t make you rush back indoors. With a bioclimatic pergola, you can have a controlled temperature and shading inside. Staying within the comfort of your home yet being a part of outdoor scenery is very relaxing and feels good.

Moreover, there are so many options of design and material that you would get just what you want for your house. Remember to specify your requirement to the installer.

Glasses You Can Use

There are various standard glasses safe for use in the glass room extension. If you don’t want the whole structure to be transparent and want privacy at times, you can use laminated glass. These laminated glasses turn clear and again back to an opaque and translucent look with electricity. So, you can turn to privacy mode with just a switch. If the glass extension room receives regular sunshine and rain, you can use self-cleaning glass for low maintenance. Whichever type of glass you choose in compliance with the standard, it must serve your purpose.