How to Differentiate Essential Oils from Fragrance Oils?

These days, more and more people love lighting scented candles in their homes. These candles not only set the mood, but also improve your mood. Some people find the fragrance of scented candles quite relaxing. It is like a healing process for many people.

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The scent of the fragrance candle comes from either essential oils or fragrance oil. Even though these oils have a pleasant smell, they both are different in many ways. You need to know the difference. So, here are the differences between essential oils and fragrance oil in candles.

Before differentiating essential oils from fragrance oils, it is important to understand what they are.

Defining fragrance oils and essential oils

Essential oils are the liquid extract present in organic plant matters. These parts contain the strongest fragrance of a specific plant. It is also the reason for naming these oils as “essential” oils. It is the essence of a specific flower, plant, or root.

On the other hand, fragrance oils are natural or synthetic compounds mixed with scentless carrier oil. These compounds are light in weight. It helps them in reaching the scent receptors when they break down.

Sometimes, it is confusing for people to know which one is fragrance oil or which one is essential oil. These are different, but there is not much difference between them. So, let’s explore the difference between these oils.

Difference in making

As the definition says, essential oils use 100% natural substances for making. It is the juice present in different parts of a plant like herbs, flowers, or roots. Solve extractions or distillation process helps in extracting the pure extraction from plants. This pure extraction is the essential oils.

It doesn’t require any carrier oil infusion. Essential oils are 100% neat and pure. They don’t have to go through any manipulation, processing, and diluting with additives or solvents in anyways.

On the other hand, fragrance oils are in the laboratory. It is volatile and can last for a longer time in comparison to essential oil. Fragrance oil has two types-

  • Synthetic fragrance oil
  • Natural fragrance oil

Synthetic fragrance oil has an artificial process of making and uses chemical compounds. At the same time, natural fragrance oils also have the same process but, it uses complex fragrance by isolating aromatic components.

Health benefits

Essential oils have healing properties, so these are highly useful in aromatherapy. These oils also help in –

  • Easing muscle pain
  • Deals with skin problems
  • Other bodily affiliations

On the other hand, fragrance oils don’t have any healing properties or health benefits. The purpose of producing fragrance oils is to mimicking scent. Price also plays a part in the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Essential oils are pricier than fragrance oils. Fragrance oils have a strong scent, whereas essential oils have soothing scent.