How PPC Automation Tool Can Help To Grow Your Business?

PPC campaign management is a time-consuming job as you need to perform things ranging from keyword research to creating an advertising copy. Fortunately, PPC automation programs are becoming available to every business large or small.

Choosing suitable PPC automation tools like PromoNavi, a digital marketing platform can help to enhance your business and attain marketing KPIs quickly. In this post, let’s understand PPC automation’s benefits and tools.

PPC automation technology allows to run and optimize pay-per-click ad campaigns. The tools help to automatically perform bidding, research, and more. Automation saves a lot of time as well as enhances ad performance.

PPC automation benefits

Integrating PPC automation in your processes is worthwhile in the following ways.


The amount spent in setting and managing ad campaigns is significantly reduced while enhancing the results. Repetitive tasks consume a lot of time but with automation, you free yourself from monotonous tasks and focus on core business-critical activities.


Decreasing the time needed to run the PPC campaign makes it more doable to scale your pay-per-click ad efforts. PPC automation allows you to run more ads and scale your efforts up and down effortlessly and with more flexibility.

Enhanced data collection

The tools are capable to draw information from many sources and compile it into a readable report form/ You gain a comprehensive view of the campaign and accurately perform data analysis. Improved data analysis helps to gain more valuable insights that can be used to enhance your PPC campaigns.

Performance optimization

Correct usage of PPC automation programs helps ads performance optimization and enhance your ROAS [Return on ad spend]. Unlike manually, automation offers the power to make an informed decision and flexibly tweak your strategies.

PPC automation tool types

  • In-built tools
  • Rule-driven automation
  • Scripts
  • Third-party PPC automation software
  • Custom builds

What aspects of PPC efforts are automated?

  • Automated bidding
  • Automated ad testing
  • Automated reporting
  • Automated campaign management

How to start with PPC automation?

The PPC automation strategy for every business is unique but you can kick start with the following steps.

  • Have clear goals because the knowledge of what you desire to accomplish from your PPC efforts will help to choose the ideal automation tools and plan appropriate strategies.
  • Explore the different automation options to buy the right one. Consider if you need in-built tools or a customized option or a more advanced solution.
  • Ensure to have necessary monitoring arrangements including conversion tracking. Conversion monitoring data helps to identify what works well and enhances your strategies.
  • Now, apply for your automation program and carry on with your PPC ad campaigns.
  • Automation regularly collects the ad data, and so ensure to frequently review it and adjust tactics based on the finding. Never set and forget PPC automation. Keep track and update it as required.

The digital marketing landscape is increasingly switching to automation including PPC. With the right strategies, automated PPC is capable of saving a lot of time as well as enhancing the performance of your ad campaigns. Request for a PPC automation program demonstration and see your business grow dramatically!