Different Types Of Women’s Swimwear

Women’s swimsuits have changed dramatically from the modest one-pieces worn in the 1920s to the first bikini in the 1940s. They’re now much more flattering than ever. If you are of plus size then don’t worry there are many plus size shapewear that will make you look good and confident.

The options are limitless these days. There are so many options available. We are here to help. We’re here to help.

Swimsuit Tops


Bandeaus are similar to standard tube tops. They are made from one piece and wrap around your chest. Although some have underwire support this style is often more comfortable for people with smaller chests.


This style adds an extra dimension to a simple bikini. While it may provide more support than a bandeau, it might not be sufficient for all. It’s particularly flattering for pear forms because it draws attention towards the upper body.


Halter tops can be cut in a variety of ways, but they must always be secured around the neck using ties or a clasp. You can choose from a variety of cuts, but halter tops are secured around the neck by ties or a clasp.


If you are looking for maximum breast support, a bikini with an underwire is the best choice. This swimsuit style can be ordered according to your breast size.


Longline bikini tops are named after their slightly longer lengths than other options. This is the swimwear equivalent of the crop top. This bikini is a new take on the classic bikini. It provides extra coverage and sometimes more support. It flatters all figures, but pear or rectangle who are looking to draw the attention up.

Swimsuit Bottoms

High Waist

The waist of high-waist swimsuits is higher than traditional bikini shorts. Some go right up to your belly button, while others are just below it. This style looks great on any body type, but it can be particularly flattering on apple and hourglass figures because it highlights your smallest part.

High Cut

High-cut bikinis are not to be confused with high waists. They get their name because they sit high on your hip bones. This silhouette is flattering for all shapes and sizes, but it’s especially good for those with smaller legs.


This bikini bottom is cleverly called the “skirtini”. It has an extra layer similar to a skirt. The extra fabric is looser than traditional skirts and can be found in different lengths and styles. This is a good option for those who desire more coverage around the butt and thighs.


The hipster bikinis are wide and sit right on your hips. These bikinis can provide moderate coverage to your backside, or they can cut across your abdomen. They also have a scoop design that exposes more skin. It is suitable for hourglass Inverted Triangle, rectangle shapes.


These bikini bottoms, which look very similar to the hipster, are cheeky. They show more skin in the front and back. This can help lengthen your legs and make them suitable for smaller body types. You can also show your backside with this option.


The one-shoulder suit is a unique twist that removes one shoulder. This asymmetry draws the eye up top, making it especially flattering for Pear shapes.

Plunge Neckline

A plunging neckline creates a flattering, unexpected juxtaposition between modest and sexy. It’s especially flattering for hourglass shape but it’s also a great way to show off your cleavage.


A skirted one-piece suit adds an extra layer of fabric to a classic one-piece. This extra coverage is perfect for those who want to conceal their butts and thighs. Additionally, it can help create more symmetry for inverted triangle figures.

One-Piece Rashguard

The one-piece rashguard, also known as a surf suit and wetsuit is great for wet athletic situations. Many include full-length sleeves, mock turtlenecks, long boyshorts, and extended sleeves to offer maximum sun protection and prevent chaffing from equipment, such as paddleboards, surfboards, and diving gear.